Saturday, January 29

wii party {and some food}

So we got a FABULOUS black wii for Christmas and have absolutely been LOVING it ... {such kids at heart!}

So tonight we decided it'd be TOO MUCH fun to have some friends over for a low-key dinner and wii partay! 

And I am excited MORE than you could imagine! I love very few things more than cooking and hosting parties ... {ok, the hubs & the pup definitely rank pretty high up also!}

So for tonight I was trying to think of things that would be filling, but also fingerfoody {def just made that word up}

Here's what's on the menu: 

{I also need to apologize in advance for my lack of recipes ... I very RARELY use them!}

~ sliders: BBQ-pulled chicken & hamburgers

~ sweet potato fries: totally cheating and using Alexia's frozen ones {which are OH.SO.GOOD}

~ deviled eggs: probably one of my all time favs

~ fixins' for the sliders: sweet pickles, slaw, cheese, chili, and then your usual condiment line-up

~ blondie cupcakes: hello, yummy goodness {recipe here}

~ magic hat variety pack: easy for everyone to find something they like

So what do you think? I'm excited! And it'll be easy so I won't spend my day slaving away and I won't have to worry about being stuck in the kitchen once everyone gets here! 

The game line-up {in no particular order}: 

~ Dance Dance Revolution ... and yes, we have the mat & all ... hysterical to watch! 
~ Big Game Hunter ... the boys LOVE it {and I may have tried my hand a time or 2 at shooting the big buck}
~ MarioCart ... harder than you would think, but awfully fun steering a TINY wheel! :) 

So that's what I'm doing on this GORGEOUS NC Saturday! What are YOU doing? 

*** Also wanted to send a BIG THANKS to everyone who commented on my The Bold & The Beautiful post ... Your comments were so SWEET & so HELPFUL! XO! ***


Jen said...

We are doing the smae thing tonight! Except you are cooking way more than I am! Try Just Dance 1 or 2. They are a blast!

Michelle @ Ten June said...

Oh my goodness that sounds like so much fun!! I want an invite next time! Ha ;)