Thursday, June 17

Best summer flower!

Now y'all I must admit... My green thumb is still developing and I'm still learning LOTS about plants and flowers!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have ALWAYS loved hydrangeas! I remember the house I grew up in had a yard FULL of hydrangeas and even still my parents have some in their yard. I just think they're beautiful!!

Don't they just make you so happy?!?

Sunday, June 13

Most favorite...


How great is it?!?

This was an early birthday present from my most favorite auntie! It's a handmade berry bowl by an artist in Georgia!

I honestly think that everyone should own one... Especially during the summer!!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

More on my detox soon!

Friday, June 11

ALLLLLLL about detox!

Ok so as y'all know, I've been doing this detox all week...

Well I still have 2 days left (and of course the rest of today!) and I am feeling GREAT! It's been super simple, even with Bryan not also detoxing!

The detox is called The UltraSimple Diet. I bought the book on my iPhone Kindle app (which I highly recommend) and started the detox a few days after!

Check it out y'all!

Thursday, June 10

gardening... townhouse style

So remember a WHILE ago I was talking about my garden?!?or I guess then it was my future garden!

Well y'all I must say, this little lady has developed a serious green thumb! I had to plant EVERYTHING in containers because our STRICT (and annoying!) HOA says NOTHING can go in the ground that their landscapers don't plant! Well, okkkkkk with me because check this out....

This is my squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, and some flowers!

And on the other side: 3 different peppers, herbs, and more flowers!

Look at the basil in the bottom left corner... Time to make some pesto!!

Wednesday, June 9

Day 3

Well y'all, I have successfully made it (almost) through Day 3 of my 7 day detox! And let me tell you, I am feeling GREAT!

I must admit I am usually a 2+ cup of Joe kind of girl before I even THINK about getting my day started, but I have not had a DROP of caffeine in 5 days and I honestly feel great!

I'm excited to see what the next 4 days hold! And I will of course keep you posted!

Monday, June 7


First y'all... I'M TERRIBLE! i've been so so bad about writing recently! I promise to be better! I hope you've missed me as much as I've missed connecting with all of you!

Now let me tell y'all what I'm doing this week... A detox diet! Ahhh!

I've wanted to do one for quite a while now but have been nervous that I would choose one that wouldn't be safe!

Enter one of my best girlfriends Alex... She tried The UltraSimple Diet and absolutely LOVED it! So I decided why not give it a try?!?

I'm on day one and here's what's for dinner...

This dish makes up in flavor what it lacks in color!

It's a combo of cabbage, brown rice, abd cannellini beans with lots of Rosemary and a touch of EVOO! Delicious!

I'll definitely keep y'all updated on the diet! And will post my results and the website at the end of my week detox!