Monday, June 7


First y'all... I'M TERRIBLE! i've been so so bad about writing recently! I promise to be better! I hope you've missed me as much as I've missed connecting with all of you!

Now let me tell y'all what I'm doing this week... A detox diet! Ahhh!

I've wanted to do one for quite a while now but have been nervous that I would choose one that wouldn't be safe!

Enter one of my best girlfriends Alex... She tried The UltraSimple Diet and absolutely LOVED it! So I decided why not give it a try?!?

I'm on day one and here's what's for dinner...

This dish makes up in flavor what it lacks in color!

It's a combo of cabbage, brown rice, abd cannellini beans with lots of Rosemary and a touch of EVOO! Delicious!

I'll definitely keep y'all updated on the diet! And will post my results and the website at the end of my week detox!

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