Monday, May 10

Happy Graduation... To ME!

Ok, ok... I obviously did not graduate this past weekend... That was all my baby sister! But I did leave Athens with a fabulous piece of furniture that I've been SERIOUSLY COVETING for a few years now!!!

How cute is this chair?

It's currently residing in mine and Bryan's den for 'safe keeping'... Wonder what the chances are Grayson will forget it's here?!?

Friday, May 7

grown ups.... eeeeek.

This weekend Bryan and I are heading to Athens, Georgia to celebrate  BABY sister's graduation! I can't believe it... And I'm so excited for her! But geeeees, if it doesn't make me feel old. And even funnier, it makes Bryan feel a little aged himself! Needless to say, we've had quite a few discussions recently about how 'grown up' we are... a subject that makes most people (namely our parents) laugh!

Enough about us though... want to send a HUGE CONGRATS to my fabulous sista!!!! GO DAWGS!

                                         We'll be in Kenan on Saturday cheering for you Gray!

Wednesday, May 5

So recently I've been calling myself a 'working girl'... I was quite fond of the term until one of my dear and sweet friends asked me if I truly knew what that term meant... Apparently, I did not. Needless to say, I will now ONLY refer to myself as a gal who holds a job, a gainfully employeed person, a 9-5'er, and any number of other terms that won't make people look at me (and poor Bryan) funny!

So I've been working in Columbia, SC all week... I must say I was not thrilled to be away from Bryan and Tux for days, but this has turned into a (semi)mini-vacation! I've been trying to explore Columbia as much as possible and have been quite impressed with South Carolina's capitol!

                                                       Isn't the state house so pretty?

The downtown area (where my office for this week is) is pretty neat... I've been exploring everyday at lunch! I went down to the 5Points area for dinner tonight and am hoping to explore the 'vista' tomorrow!