Friday, July 29

friday fancying. - country chic.

y'all the day is FINALLY here! I'm heading to Music City ... Nashvegas ... in other words ... 
Nashville, TN!!! 

I can't wait to spend the next 4 days with my best friend! exploring the city, eating good food, and of course a few happy hours thrown in there! :) 

here's what my version of 'country chic' is ...

now if I win the lottery on the way to the airport obvi this is what I'd be wearing ... if not, I guess the outfits in my carry-on will have to do! ;) 

happy weekend y'all! 
see you tuesday! 
xo, L.

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Tuesday, July 26

a wedding story. - inspiration.

last week I talked about the dress ... this week it's all about the cake! after all, the cake is the second most important thing at a wedding, right?!

now we had a very 'plain' wedding cake, but I adored it. white on white with some cream flowers on each layer. {similar to the one top right}

{all images via}

but how fun are some of these others?! I swear if B would ever agree to renewing our vows {you know like every year!} I'd have a different 'theme' each year! :) 

so what's your dream wedding cake? or what did your cake look like? 
happy tuesday y'all! 
xo, L.

Monday, July 25

monday munchies. - scones.

now y'all there's something you should know about me ... I am obsessed with baking. not so great for the waistline, but man do I love fresh-baked ... well, freshly baked anything! :) 

one of my favs .... scones. I love how they're a little sweet, a little salty and perfect for an easy breakfast! 

I'm putting together a breakfast basket for B's grandmother's birthday present and scones are definitely going to the be 'star' of the basket! now if I can only decide what kind ... 

sweet or savory scones?! that is the question! 

happy monday y'all! 
xo, L.

Friday, July 22

friday fancying.

I really can't believe how quickly this week went by ... I'm excited it's the weekend, even if it means one more week closer to summer being over! 

we have another low-key weekend on the books ... aren't those kind just the best?! 

I think we are going to try to see Horrible Bosses at some point! And of course another cookout with some homemade ice cream! :) 

if I happen to win the lottery this weekend, here's what my "weekend style" would be: 

now, if we're being honest, my weekend style is usually running clothes. but hey, it's friday's fancies with {av} ... and a gal can dream! :) 

happy friday y'all! 
xo, L.

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Thursday, July 21

thread cravings. - wedges.

can y'all believe that it's thursday?! I know I sure can't! not that I'm complaining though ... quick weeks, mean the weekend comes faster! :) 

so I'm sure that most of you have been able to recognize from all of my fashion posts that I heart wedges. of all sorts y'all. I love to wear heels {even though I'm tall already} and wedges just seem so comfortable! 

now that being said, I'm no Jessica Simpson ... I don't wear them to the pool! :) 

here's some that have caught my eye recently: 

so what about you? do you wear heels a lot? what style do you find yourself in most often? 
happy almost weekend y'all! 
xo, L. 

Wednesday, July 20

wednesday loves.

wow. another week flying by ... 

although I am excited to share my wednesday loves, I must share one thing I'm not loving ... how quickly summer is flying by! does anyone else feel that way? 

now onto my loves: 

- this delish-looking strawberry ice cream we're going to make for our friends this weekend. 

- my sweet little boy swimming until his heart was content on sunday. 

- my trip to Nashville is so soon! 10 days to be exact! :) 

- these awesome "home-helpers"! if you don't already own one of these, I strongly suggest investing! absolutely in love with both of mine!

happy humpday y'all! 
xo, L.

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Tuesday, July 19

a wedding story. - inspiration.

ok so I have a confession ... since I've been MIA from blogland I haven't set up any guest bloggers for my wedding series either ...

I'm hoping to have them up & running again the next couple of weeks, but until then I give you ... inspiration. 

even though I've been married for almost 2 years now, every time I see a wedding magazine, website, pics, etc I must look at all of the pretty things. there is really nothing that I love more than weddings! 

especially the dresses! :) 


even though I wore a very classic dress on my own wedding day, when it comes to drooling over inspirational dresses, I clearly have no set style! 

ok, married ladies ... what was your wedding dress style?
and for all your single ladies, what kind of dress do you imagine yourself wearing?
xo, L.

Monday, July 18

monday munchies. - summer cocktails.

ok, ok so I know that cocktails aren't necessarily 'munchies' but who doesn't love a cocktail on a warm summer evening?! especially some of these pretty ones. :) 

there's a little something for everyone ... hey, some are even non-alcoholic! 

how refreshing do these look?! 
what's your favorite summer cocktail?
xo, L.

Friday, July 15

friday fancying.

we don't have much on our plates for this weekend ... getting lots of 'chores' done mostly. 

but we are having a cookout for some friends that I'm most excited about! Super casual ... Some food on the grill, some adult bevs, and definitely a cornhole game or two! 

if money grew on trees, here's what I'd be wearing:
as I mentioned yesterday, I'm diggin' colored denim right now ... and these shorts are too cute! perfect way to spice up an otherwise neutral outfit and what fun to wear to a cookout!? :) 

what are your weekend plans? 
happy friday y'all! 
xo, L.

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Thursday, July 14

thread cravings. - bright denim.

I'm sure y'all have seen bright colored denim everywhere this season ... I know I have and I'm lovin' it! 

Now up until recently I've been obsessed with red skinnies, but I think could wear some purple or blue ones too! :) 

Here's some I've seen that I heart:
So what's your take on colored denim? Love it or too crazy? 

xo, L.

Wednesday, July 13

wednesday loves.

since I've been so MIA, I feel like it's been forever since I've shared my loves and linked up with Jamie

but as I said yesterday y'all ... I'm b-a-c-k. :) 

and loving lots. 

- especially the family photo shoot we had over july 4th weekend. this is one of my faves. 

- these nude pumps that just found their way to my closet. I've been searching for a pair forever and when I saw these it was love at first sight. 

- this delish and from scratch ravioli the hubs & I made for our 'date night' on saturday. 

- and obvi still loving my fab new blog design by the fab jessica. :) 

- and of course, that y'all are so patient with me even when I disappear! 

xo, L.

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Tuesday, July 12

somebody's got some s'plainin to do.

it's me y'all. it's me. 

I've been seriously MIA. 
I got a new job and we've been traveling so much that I haven't had made time for blogging. 

but I'm back y'all ... I'm b-a-c-k

and I've missed you. 
xo, L.

Monday, July 4

happy 4th!

 from coastal NC!!! 

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Independence Day! 
xo, L.

image via

Friday, July 1

friday fancying. - 4th of july.

y'all I'm MOST excited about the weekend! we're heading to the beach in just a little bit and I cannot wait to have my toes in the sand ... and a cold drink in my hand. {sorry zac brown for ripping off your lyrics}. 

we're having a 4th cookout that will also double as my sweet mama's bday party! 

and if I had all the money in the world ... THIS is what I'd be wearing ... 
does that dress look familiar? ever since I posted about it yesterday, I've been obsessed. 

what are your 4th plans? what will YOU be wearing?! :) 
xo, L.

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Thursday, June 30

thread cravings. - stripes.

ok first y'all I need to apologize for being MIA this week ... blogger has been really frustrating me and I haven't had much patience. blogger seems to be cooperating now ... let's hope it keeps up! 

now onto those wonderful threads that I'm currently craving ... STRIPES. y'all I just love them! and what a perfect time of the year to be wearing them ... july 4th weekend! 

here's some that I'm loving right now ... 
{I just realized these are all blue ... clearly I'm thinking of outfits for the weekend! :)}

what about you? do you love stripes? what's your favorite way to wear them?
xo, L.

Monday, June 27

monday munchies. - July 4th edition.

I'm so excited about the 4th y'all! It's definitely one of my favorite holidays of the year and this year we'll be at the beach with friends and family! Sounds pretty perfect, right?! 

There will definitely be some all American cookout action happening ... now the decision is ... burgers? chicken? or ribs? 

And what would a cookout be without some July 4th themed sweets?!

Or without some super cute red, white & blue decor?!

What are your plans for the 4th? What's your favorite way to celebrate Independence Day?! 
xo, L.

Friday, June 24

friday fancying. - birthday edition.

The BIG 2-8! 
I'm excited to see what this year has in store for me! 

And I'm REAL excited about this weekend! 

Tonight it's a casual dinner on the patio of my fave Mexican restaurant in town! 

But tomorrow we're heading to Chef & the Farmer
And if I happened to win the lotto for my bday, THIS is what I'd be wearing! :) 
Happy Friday Y'all!
Hope your weekend is SPECTACULAR! 
xo, L. 

{av's} doing something a little different than usual ... each week there's a friendly competition between all the ladies that link up ... so go over and like my Friday's Fancies!?! :) 
{puhpuhpuhplease? it is my bday after all! ;)}

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Thursday, June 23

thread cravings. - bday dress.

OK y'all, first things first ... CHECK OUT MY ROCKIN' NEW BLOG DESIGN! Jessica over at Creative Index {and my new blogland bestie} created it for me and it ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF. We're still working out some kinks but I do hope you love it as much as I do!!!

Next question ...
Are y'all SO OVER my birthday?! I promise it's almost over! ALMOST

We're going to this farm-to-table restaurant on Saturday night with a bunch of friends to celebrate and I am most excited! I've heard AWESOME things about Chef & The Farmer but have yet to experience all of the yumminess of their menu myself! 

And don't y'all think that a new dress would just make the experience THAT much better?!! :) 

Here's just a few that I'm loving ... 

So what do y'all think?!
Do you love getting bday dresses?
Or is it just me?! :) 
xo, L.

Wednesday, June 22

wednesday loves.

lots of loves on this birthday week of mine. 

~ first, that I've been celebrating my birthday ALL week! :) 

~ this fab farm to table restaurant where we'll be celebrating the beginning of my 28th year of life on Saturday night! 

~ our DELISH CSA deliveries! Last week was our first week and I'm TOO excited for the rest of the summer! :) 

~ and finally that my SWEET hubs has surprised me with a sweet treat every night this week! 
{cupcakes mostly!}

Happy Humpday Y'all! 
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Tuesday, June 21

a wedding story. - keep calm & carry on.

Oh y'all I'm TOO excited about our guest blogger today!!! This girl and I have really hit it off through blogland and I just ADORE her! 
And her wedding? WOWZA. 

Hello lovelies! My name is Katie and I blog over at Keep Calm and Carry On. I've guest posted for Lauren before and am so happy she has decided to have me back {or is she crazy?! ;)} I'm really excited to show you little portions of my wedding day with Lauren's wedding series! She's so creative, isn't she?
Billy and I were married on August 28, 2010. We have been dating for almost 7 years {married almost 1..woo-hoo!} and met my freshman year in college. After college, he moved from his hometown in Cleveland, Ohio to where I grew up in Columbus, Ohio. We got married in a beautiful church and had the reception at a nice country club in the same town. The country club was just recently renovated and so everything was really new and modern.
We had a *LOVEBIRD* theme for our wedding, which you will get a glimpse of in these pictures! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :)
I'm in love with the color red so I knew I had to wear some bright red heels!
Leading up to our ceremony and reception, we spent the day at the country club where they had seperate men and ladies locker rooms. The locker rooms were stocked with beer, appetizers, flat screen tv's, and a pool table for the boys to play while hanging around! My girls and I enjoyed mimosas and fresh fruit while getting our hair and make up done. I remember watching my florist start to set up the dining room with our flowers and vintage birdcages and getting so excited!

Here is a look at our florals & our lovebird theme. As you can see, we had vintage birdcages hung from the ceiling with flowers pouring out of them! For the name card table, my florist made rustic branches with flowers sitting in them and the name cards sat below the "trees". The room where we had our reception has a panoramic view of a waterfall and of the 18th hole on the golf course can see some of the huge windows in the picture with our centerpieces.

Our wedding party consisted of 7 bridesmaids, 7 groomsmen, 2 flower girls, and 1 ring bearer :) We felt so blessed to have all of our best friends & family be a big part of our special day.
Well, I have really enjoyed recreating my wedding day with all of you! It was a magical day for both of us. I hope you liked looking at our pictures and don't forget to come say HI to me over on my blog! A big thank you to Lauren for allowing me to share my wedding with her friends! :)

A 'lovebirds theme'?!!? TOO stinkin' cute! Just like Miss Katie! 
Thanks again for sharing your wedding with us girly! You were absolutely STUNNING! 

Happy Tuesday Y'all! 

Saturday, June 18

birthday wishes.

Well y'all, it's official ... 
In less than 1 week this girl will be the big 2-8 ... 
One year closer to 30 
{which I'm surprisingly excited about?}

So every gal's got to have a birthday wishlist, right? Thought I'd share mine you know just in case you were stressing about what to get me! 
{or in case hubs decides he MUST read my blog to figure out what to get me!}

Happy Saturday Y'all! 

Friday, June 17

friday fancying.

Y'all I know that I say it EVERY WEEK but this week absolutely FLEW BY for us! Maybe it's because every evening was spent working on some INTENSE cornhole boards for our Daddy's but it I can't believe it's already Friday! 

That being said ... I'm excited it is! I start dreaming up my Friday's Fancies EARLY in the week {like right after I post on Friday} and I'm excited for the outfit I've come up with this week! 

Every Father's Day we spend the day at our family lake house .. hanging out with family, taking a cruise on the boat, and of course LOTS of eating! 

And this is what I'd be wearing if that money tree would EVER start growing in my yard! :) Or of course if I could pick the right PowerBall numbers! 
I just love how the dress is a perfect cover-up but also totally acceptable for a casual outdoor BBQ when just a bikini wouldn't do! 

So what's on your plate for this weekend?! Are you doing something special for your Daddy?!