Sunday, January 23

{chicken} Sunday!

I have always wanted to be a coupon shopper ... I'm just NOT good at it! I've tried ... But somehow I always end up leaving the grocery with things that I don't need, rarely use, or that I have NO idea what I'm going to do with once I get home! 

So instead ... I've learned to shop the VIC specials at the good ol' Harris Teeter ... And y'all I have gotten GOOD at it! :) 

So the other day at my weekly grocery visit HT had whole chickens for 59 CENTS a pound! I got an over 6 lbs. chicken for like 3 bucks ... (yes, I'm tooting my own horn)! 

I actually really enjoy making whole chickens because you can cook once and have at least 2 meals with one chicken! (convenient is my middle name!) 

I wanted to try something different with this chicken though ... And since I've recently become OBSESSED with my slow cooker ... I decided WHY NOT?

After some google searching I found this recipe and thought it sounded perfect ... easy AND delicious ... yes, thank you. 

I changed it up a little ... I used LOTS of garlic and instead of using the Mrs. Dash I created my own yummy-goodness with onion powder, paprika, sea salt & sage. 

Here's the ingredients I used (and I just eye-balled everything ... I'm not big on measuring!)

- whole chicken
- apple
- garlic (A LOT - seriously like 6 cloves!)
- dried sage
- paprika
- onion powder
- olive oil

I mixed all the spice together, rubbed olive oil all over Mr. Chicken and then rubbed the spices on. Minced some garlic to rub on top and left some cloves whole to stuff inside with the apples! 

I don't have an after pic because she didn't come out whole ... Meat was LITERALLY falling off the bone, which in this house is NO reason to complain! ;)

If you try it ... let me know! And if you change up the recipe ... let me know! :) 

Happy Sunday! 

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Megan said...

Okay, this sounds delicious!! Chicken is one of my absolute favorite things to eat, but I hate cooking it! I would love to cook chicken in the crock pot! I definitely need to try this!!

I have wanted to be a coupon shopper, too! I'm scared to check out multiple times though! I feel like I'd be embarrassed. Is that weird?? Haha!