Sunday, January 30

{new & fabulous} cookbook!

So B & I are really trying to cut back on our food expenses ... I know that some people are good at coupon shopping {y'all remember I told you I was NOT one of those people} and I'm also not a very good menu planner. 

So one of our resolutions this year is to try to cut the grocery bill D-O-W-N! So far, hasn't been going well ... 


I was at TJMaxx this afternoon just wandering around {desperate to get out of the house after feeling a little under the weather all week} and came across THIS

It was on clearance and was $3! You read that right ... THREE BUCKS

As I flipped through the pages, I got REALLY excited and REALLY hungry! {and of course realized I'd forgotten to eat lunch} 

So this little guy came home with me and I've been reading the recipes since getting home! 

They sound so good! 

{maybe I can get B to share my love for Indian food with this?}

{12 servings! SO great for a crowd!}

{sounds SO yummy for a summertime get together!}

So for now ... I'm menu planning and writing up a grocery list! 

Thinking of doing a new Menu Monday series ... Thoughts? Would y'all be interested? 

Hey! Maybe we can share menus for some of you who like me {until 2011} just aren't too good at it? 

Hope y'all had the GREATEST weekend! :) 

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Megan said...

I'd love a Menu Monday!! I am struggling with menus and cooking right now, too!!