Monday, January 24

{serious} case of the mondays.

And I blame the weather! 

I don't know about y'all but I am O-V-E-R winter! This has been SUCH a cold one! Since B & I have moved back to NC from Charleston, it's snowed THREE times! I never remember winters being like this ... And I was only gone 4.5 years ... I couldn't have forgotten THAT much! :) 

So today ... I've been online shopping and blog-hopping to cure my very serious case of the Mondays! 

And y'all there are some CUTE things out there! 

I'm loving the new Spring looks ... What do you think? 

via GAP

via GAP

via ShopBop

What are y'all loving for Spring? 


Michaela said...

Oh boy, now you have me wishing for spring for the sole reason that I can wear cute clothes like the ones you pictured. They're darling. And those shoes are, well, killer. LOVE!

S and O said...

I know what you mean, I just had the most hectic and unprepared Monday!
But the pictures are lovely, such style :D