Tuesday, January 25

subway art

Have y'all seen all the Subway Art out on blogland? 

I'm obsessed but have yet to create my own ... Partly because I'm terrified skeptical of my new cricut and partly because I'm not sure exactly what kind of subway art I want and where I want it to go ... 

So for now ... I'm just drooling over all the great things that my fellow bloggie ladies have created ... {sigh}

Articles of Faith from {Lil Miss Momma}

Supersized Valentine's Subway Art by {tatertots & jello}

A tutorial by {Lil Blue Boo}

Subway Art for the Nest from {thecozygreencocoon}

A Cricut Tutorial from {Momma D and Da Boyz}

I'm really loving the blue & white one ... I like all the black & white ones too but for my house, just not sure it goes! 

Maybe I'll make one for the hubs for Vday? Not really a guy's present? hmmmm... maybe I'll make one for ME for Vday?! :) 

Happy Tuesday! 

1 comment:

Megan said...

I have been eyeing these, too! I just don't know if my Cricut can do that. Haha! Maybe it's the operator that can't, not the machine.

I say definitely make one for yourself! I love the Articles of Faith one! I have been wanting to make one for our bedroom around love.