Wednesday, January 26

{MY OWN} subway art!

Y'all remember yesterday I showed you all the subway art I'd been drooling over admiring?

Well yesterday was a RAINY day in Greenville and I have been on the verge on catching a cold ... Perfect combo for staying at home and crafting!

Look what I created!

I really like the way that it turned out! Though I still can't decide if I want to do a whitewash of sorts over the whole thing ... To make it not so harsh? What do you think?

And don't you think it's crazy HYSTERICAL that I said yesterday "black & white may not fit in my house"?! I do ... I'm so fickle.

So I started with an 8X10 canvas that I had painted last year in hopes of giving it to one of my expectant mama friends ... Only the perfectionist side of me decided that it was quite ... errrr, perfect enough. So alas, it stayed, hidden away ... UNTIL today! :) 

I painted to entire canvas black ... It took about 3 coats to cover the whole thing! 

While it was drying I cut out words on my new Cricut (or as I like to call it ... cricket, such a dork!). I just used white scrapbook paper because I didn't have any vinyl on hand. 

After the paint dried, I started arranging all the words. And y'all this turned out to be QUITE the task ... I had to re-cut several of the words to make the smaller. 

After that I mod-podged (LOVE that stuff) EACH.LETTER.DOWN. 

And then painted a layer of ModPodge over the entire canvas. Waited for it to dry and VOILA! 

So really ... tell me ... to whitewash or not to whitewash? That is the question.

Happy Humpday from NC! 


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