Monday, July 18

monday munchies. - summer cocktails.

ok, ok so I know that cocktails aren't necessarily 'munchies' but who doesn't love a cocktail on a warm summer evening?! especially some of these pretty ones. :) 

there's a little something for everyone ... hey, some are even non-alcoholic! 

how refreshing do these look?! 
what's your favorite summer cocktail?
xo, L.


Faith said...


my absolute favorite is pina coladas!

Miss Lindsay said...

I'll try them all!!

natasha {schue love} said...

I love a fresh squeezed margarita! These all look delish though!

jessica said...

definitely could go for one of these today!!

Ashley said...

love bloody marys! not sure about the bloody maria (just cus i dont like tequila) ...also love sweet tea!

Nicole said...

Those cocktails look good!!! I love fuzzy navels!!!

Lesley said...

Wow! Delicious looking drinks! I'm all about icy, slushy drinks whether it's a Slush Puppy or whatnot.