Wednesday, February 2

{my VERY first} blog award

first of all, WOOOPWOOOP!!!

And now ... A HUGE THANK YOU to my new bloggy friend Jen for thinking of me! :)

She gave me the 7 Facts/Versatile Blogger Award! {woopwoop! ok, too much?}

So as a part of receiving this award, I have to tell you 7 things you don't already know about me AND give the award to some other lovely ladies!

So here goes nothing ...

1. I have gray hair. Really, I do. I'm 27 and MUST color my hair every 4 weeks to cover the grays. Hey, I said I have gray hair, not that I'm PROUD of my gray hair. :) That being said, I am a PROUD at-home colorist! 

2. I could eat dessert after every meal. EVERY.SINGLE.MEAL. of EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I don't ACTUALLY do this, but put a sweet treat near me and I have NO willpower! Especially with cupcakes ... oh my, I heart those little mini-cakes! 

cupcakes from one of my bridal showers

3. I sincerely wish I could wear my wedding dress everyday. I absolutely loved it and have never felt more beautiful/happy/loved than I did on my wedding day. And if we're being REALLY honest, I almost didn't have it cleaned so that I could still put it on once a week in a while. {and I may or may not still put on the blue shoes I wore on our wedding day!}

4. I have a Masters Degree that I will probably never use ... Yep, I'm a licensed counselor who will probably never counsel anyone, but the occasional family & friends again! I am LOVING my new job though and feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity! 

Oh & I went to a military school to get my M.Ed.!! 

5. I am both a Daddy's girl & a Mama's girl ... And I REALLY don't think I've ever met anyone else who is also both! I was so blessed to have the parents that I have and I love them both so much! When I went to college, all my friends made fun of how often I went home to see them ... And mind you, they live in 2 DIFFERENT places! I just missed them SO much! ha! 

                                      father/daughter dance                         my sweet mama & me

6. I am the oldest of 3 girls and my sisters are ABSOLUTELY my best friends in the whole {well, and obviously my hubs!} The 3 of us have always been exceptionally close and since we all moved away from each other we have weekly conference calls! Yep, sometimes because we have things to talk about & most of the time just to laugh with each other ... But somehow, even though we're all far away {one of them is living in Mexico right now}, it seems like for that hour that we're conferencing, we're all together again! So in our eyes, we have a weekly Happy Hour date ... Even if nobody else thinks it's normal! :) 

sissies after a minor sledding 'incident'

7. I L-O-V-E to shop! And I have an uncanny ability to head straight for the most expensive thing in the store. And I mean even when I'm at TJMaxx or shopping the sale racks! EVERY time I touch something it is absolutely going to have the most expensive price-tag on it! I now find it extremely amusing ... And sometimes REALLY disheartening ... Like when I fall in love at first sight with something and then realize it's WAY out of my price range! 

Truth: Walked into TJMaxx the other day & immediately found this Cynthia Rowley bag. Almost cried when I had to leave her. 

So enough about me ... Now I get to pass this awesome award on! :)

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I read EACH of these blogs everyday and LOVE what these ladies have to say! They're all funny, sweet, and have SPECTACULAR ideas! :)

Happy Humpday Y'all!



⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Congrats Lauren! Thanks for popping over, and have a great day!

Frankie said...

Congrats on the awards and your degree! I loooove the shoe!

I just came across your blog and am your newest follower!

Carly said...

One of my coworkers goes to the Citadel right now for her M.Ed. Also, just found your blog. I'm a new follower! :)

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Hey there, what a fun list. I'm always drawn to pricey things too, must be an eye for quality. And thanks so much for including me in your list :)

Kendra @ House of Ficek said...

Thanks for the award! My hubs thought he knew what he was getting into too, but didn't realize just how much my family is involved.

At The Picket Fence said...

Thank you Lauren for giving At The Picket Fence an award. That makes us feel pretty special given our blog is only three days old! You are so sweet!

natasha said...

THANKS LAUREN!!! So honored to be awarded by you and can't wait to pass it along. I really appreciate it and love your blog so much! :)

{av} said...

you are seriously way too kind, my dear! I wore blue shoes that connection :) thank you again! congrats on the awards--you absolutely deserve them! xoxo {av}

Megan said...

Thanks so much for passing it on to me!! And congrats to you! : ) I love dessert, too! My hubby is such a "meat and potatoes" man and I am definitely a dessert girl!!

Mallory said...

Here's another award to add to your surely growing list! :) I just awarded you Stylish Blogger Award! You can check it out on my blog here: