Sunday, February 27

and the winner is ... {an oscar party}

So y'all I'm not actually having an Oscar party, but if I was here's some things that I would have ...

Isn't this bingo game a great way to keep people entertained if the show seems to be dragging {ahem, for the men in our lives}!?

While I won't be hosting an Oscar party tonight, B and I will be watching! I am so excited to see Anne Hathaway and James Franco host ... The promos that I've seen with them are too cute and I think they'll be perfect for tonight's award show!

And let's be honest, as excited as I am for the actual awards ... I'm PUMPED to see the fabulous dresses on the red carpet! :)


Remember these GORG numbers from last year? Oh man, I can't wait! :)

So what's everyone else doing for the Oscars? Big party plans? Low-key couch evening?


Jen said...

36 minutes until the red carpet!

Megan said...

We are low key couch. Definitely.