Friday, February 25

Friday Fancying

Have y'all had a good week?! I feel like it's another week has absolutely FLOWN by, but it's been another great one! :) 

B & I don't have much on the books for this weekend ... Which is ALWAYS a good thing! We do have a low-key backyard BBQ birthday party tomorrow night that I'm really excited about ... Nothing like good friends, good food, and MAYBE a few good adult bevs! :) 

So this Friday's Fancies is a little bit different than I've done before ... I created an outfit for what I'd LIKE to be doing ... Even though I'm not! Is that against the rules?! :) 

As I told y'all on Wednesday ... ECU Baseball season has officially started and I'm SO EXCITED to start WALKING over to the games! 

So if we had a home game tonight {instead of it being in VA} this is what I'd be wearing to the game {well, and if it were a BIT warmer!}

Linking up with {av} for another Friday's Fancies! Come join the fun! 

TGIF Y'all! xo! 


KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

Backyard BBQ party sounds like fun! Sadly I think it's still too cold here for that :)

I love your outfit, especially the gray boots--I would snap those up in a second!

Lacey Jo said...

Seriously love those earrings!

Megan said...

oh gosh i miss

natasha {schue love} said...

SUPER cute outfit!!! Love your style! Happy Friday!

{av} said...

pretty daggone jealous of the weekend you have on tap...and the fictional one you created sounds right up my alley too! loved your look and I need those bags+boots PRONTO. great picks! so happy to have you linking up with Friday's Fancies! xoxo {av}

Marian said...

Absolutely and positively LOVE the outfit. Those boots are making me drool. And those earrings are rocking my world...and who doesn't love a pair of denim shorts!! Have a lovely weekend

Megan said...

Absolutely fabulous outfit! I love the boots!! Have a great weekend!