Thursday, March 10

the {next} big day.

As I've been writing about mine & B's story...
I've been dreaming of all things wedding again! 

Now, I must admit I was NOT one of those girls who had her entire wedding planned before she had met the one ... In fact, I did even have it planned after 4 years of being with Bryan knowing that HE was THE one! 

This was all really surprising for the people that know me all TOO well ... I'm a self-admitted Type A personality and OVER-planner! 

Once Bryan and I were engaged I started doing A LOT of research!
And now that I've been talking about and reflecting back on that time ... I've been 'researching' again ... And y'all if I could have a wedding {to B of course!} every year, I ABSOLUTELY would!
I loved every minute of planning and of course of the BIG day! 

Here's some things I would include in my 'next' wedding! :) 

{all images from The Knot}

So do you have your wedding planned? Or if you're married, would you do it again? Do you daydream of weddings still, like me?!

Happy Thursday Y'all! xo!



megan said...

I admit (but would never admit to Cameron) that I've saved some websites and photos of things that I want for my wedding one day. :) Can't help it!

Sarah said...

I love still looking and wedding stuff! I think a wedding every year sounds delightful....all to the hubs of course! :)

Mrs. Magnolia said...

All of those pictures are gorgeous, but I'm sure your day was perfect.

I've been married a little over 2 years and I still think it was perfect. Sure, if money hadn't been a factor it would have been much more lavish but it was beautiful and everyone had a blast which is what we wanted. I would definitely have a wedding every year if I could. I'm definitely planning on having another one for our 25 year anniversary, that is if we don't have a bunch of little girls to use up our checkbook :)

brittany said...

i would totally get married the same guy of course! haha. i had so much fun planning my wedding...i still read many wedding blogs, so many pretty things, it's hard to stay away! xo

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I'm with you...huge wedding bash every year would be totally up my alley! Even if you absolutely *love* everything about the big day, there are always things that you didn't get to incorporate or other styles/colors/fun stuff that you stumble upon after!!!

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

I had so much fun planning our wedding and love weddings in general! I am glad most of my bridesmaids aren't married yet so I can go to the weddings and be involved in the planning process with them (aka live vicarious through them) :)

natasha {schue love} said...

These are beautiful images! And I felt the SAME way about planning my wedding! So much fun and I just love sharing my ideas/tips with other brides...particularly friends and those getting married in Tahoe! :)

Sophie said...

wow this are gorgeous pictures. makes me so excited to get engaged and have a wedding. im not one of those girls who has planned the whole thing already but i just know i want it to be a big fairytale one haha. but they are all fairytales though arent they. i love your blog. i am following x

Miss Lindsay said...

You could always renew your vows?? Isn't that the "thing" -- all the housewives are doing it haha.
I loveeee wedding photos, I can't wait to plan mine when the time comes!
Vineyard Loveknots

Katie said...

Haha, I LOVE that you had your wedding planned before you even met your husband. Know there's a girl who knows what she wants! I don't daydream of my wedding anymore, but after during out first year of marriage, I looked at our pictures all the time.


Cole said...

I could totally plan 100 weddings right now. (I think this is why I started wedding planning, cause I had way too many good ideas and couldn't use them all at our wedding)

christine donee said...

well if I wasn't daydreaming before, I definitely am now! Those pictures are GORGEOUS.