Sunday, March 27

tag! you're it!

A couple of my fave bloggers have tagged me recently in some fun things!

This rainy rainy Sunday seemed like the perfect day to do them!

First Lindsay at Vineyard Love Knots tagged me in the Handwriting Tag ... How Fun?! 
Are y'all ready for my messy handwriting? Don't poke fun!
1. Your name and name of your blog
2. Your blog address
3. Your favorite quote
4. Favorite Songs
5. Write this!
6. Tag 3 People
7. Anything else!
{you like how I did that Jeopardy style ... answers first, questions second!}

Then Jen at From A to Z ... My Life as D tagged me in 20 Things! 
And since I know y'all are dying to learn more about me ... here goes! 

1 ~ Food - pizza or mexican or chickfila {was I supposed to only name 1?!}
2 ~ Color - red, pink, navy, yellow {totally depends on the day}
3 ~ Animal - PUPPIES!!! {and even the grown up ones too ... you know ... DOGS!}
4 ~ Sports Team - East Carolina Pirates or Carolina Panthers {what can I say I'm a Carolina girl born & raised}
5 ~ Dessert - if I HAD to decide it'd be cupcakes! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things sweet! 
6 ~ Artist/Singer/Band - Thompson Square, Michael Franti, Lil Wayne, Sugarland, and so many other random eclectic artists! 
7 ~ Pair of Shoes - TB Revas {any color!} 
8 ~ Outfit - skinnies, cute silk top and a blazer if it's chilly! 
9 ~ Skinny Jeans - only thing I wear! Though I'm dying for a pair of wide-leg jeans!!
10 ~ Brand - oh my! right now I'm loving GAP, Loft, and ALWAYS loving Anthro!
11 ~ Perfume - Marc Jacobs 
12 ~ Accessory - my MK watch
13 ~ City - Charleston, SC
14 ~ Hobby - BLOGGING! running, playing with my pup
15 ~ Beauty Product - Bumble & Bumble 
16 ~ Snack - avocado 
17 ~ Holiday - Christmas! is there another holiday?! :) 
18 ~ Movie - Jerry McGuire, PS I Love You, The Hangover
19 ~ Song - That's How Strong My Love Is - Otis Redding {wedding song!}
20 ~ Guilty Pleasure - day-long marathons of Law & Order and couchin' it ALL.DAY.LONG.

So there you have it! My messy handwriting and 20 random things about MOI!!! 

So I'm tagging EVERYBODY
It's fun y'all! Join in! :) 

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Sunday! 


Christina said...

Your handwriting is NOT messy. I think it's pretty. I'm also a fan of chickfila (duh), Lil Wayne, flats, skinnies, my MK watch, and avocados. Clearly we need to be IRL friends. I haven't seen PS I Love You! Maybe I'll rent that on this nasty day! :)

natasha {schue love} said...

Flats and fave!! Loved learning more about you!

Megan said...

You do NOT have messy all! I am obsessed with Mexican and puppies. Twins! : )

Michaela said...

Cupcakes all the way!!!!

megan said...

Lovvve that Otis Redding song! And avocados, and TB Reva's, and Charleston (duh), and my MK watch (very similar to yours), and Carolina sports (Gamecocks though). :)

Miss Lindsay said...

Messy handwriting.... yeah right!!!