Sunday, August 22

paint, fabric, paint, fabric ....

So I'm not sure that anyone truly understands how HOT Charleston is during the month of August. I'm talking 90+ degrees with 100% humidity. Air so thick it takes your breath away to step outside.

Now I'm typically not much of a complainer (though Bryan may disagree!) but this summer has been HOT HOT HOT! Much more than usual! So I've been trying to fill my days doing mini-projects INSIDE!!!

However, lately I've been having a hard time making up my mind. I think it's due in large part because I have SO MANY things that I want to accomplish and I am having serious 'design ADD'.

I want to re-do my guest room and office. I want to re-paint almost EVERY room in the house. I want to make outdoor pillows for my patio table. As well as re-paint the table. I want to clean out and organize EVERY closet in my house. And those are just the things that I can think of right now!

So today I decided to spend the day looking at paint colors and fabric... Sounds like a good Sunday, right?

I'm LOVING the Benjamin Moore Pottery Barn collection ...

And I'm thinking a navy stripe for the cushions outside? Coral for the table?

So many decisions! Now I just have to narrow down which of these PB colors I want to use for the guest room ... I've determined that's where I'm going to start! I think! 

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