Thursday, August 12

Boredom = Avocado

So for those of you who know me well, you know that I LOVE food ... and by love I mean I'm OBSESSED with food. All kinds. I don't discriminate.

So as I was waiting around for my girlfriend to pick me up (we're carpooling to Tybee) I got REAL hungry bored. So I decided to make a sami to enjoy while I was watching Paula Dean whip up some delicious goodies on the Food Network.

It was then that I realized I still had 1/2 an avocado in the fridge! Y'all when I say it made my day, I am not exaggerating! I love those ugly little green things! On everything! So I made a chicken salad sami with avocado, tomato, and of course cheese! It was so delish!

So after I finished this delightful mid-afternoon snack (Bryan thinks I eat the biggest snacks of anyone he's ever met!) I decided to look up some recipes featuring avocado!

Check this one out... It includes so many of my FAV things: avocado, mango, black beans & cilantro! HELLO!!!!!

I am hosting a going-away cookout for a friend of ours on Sunday evening and y'all THIS recipe will be featured!

Ok ... Heading to Tybee! Hope everyone has the BEST weekend! :)

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