Thursday, March 4


Ok, Ok maybe I'm exaggerating... But it was gorgeous in Charleston today! (Could have been slightly less windy and maybe a little warmer, but beggers can't be choosers!)

So Tux (our dog) and I spent much of the afternoon outside planning our garden! After all, it's about time to start planting some seeds. Bryan and I live in a townhouse and our EXTREMELY strict HOA says that we can't plant ANYTHING in our yards... I don't usually complain because they do all the upkeep in our yard but I do love fresh veggies in the summer. So last year, I planted some peppers, tomatoes, lettuces, and herbs all in containers and let me tell you... I was VERY happy with the results!

This year we're upping the anty... Here's what I (with the help of my friendly assistant Tux) decided on today..

- tomatoes
- peppers
- carrots
- squash
- cucumbers
- strawberries
- lettuce
- spinach
- and a variety of herbs!

I am so excited! Now... I'm on a mission for more pots and of course all my seeds! Here's to hoping my green thumb continues to prosper!

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