Sunday, March 7


I have recently become OBSESSED with the color red... Which is something that my mother finds particularly funny because I tried for a long time to have a 'totally neutral house' (ie, the opposite of her funky and fun beach house!) While my house remains relatively neutral, there are pops of red and aqua in almost every room now!

Our townhouse has an adorable breakfast nook and the round glass-top table that sits there is where we have most of our meals. I've been wanting to trade it's basic black legs for something a little more fun... So I decided this morning it would go to RED! After Tux and I drove over to Lowe's to pick up a can of spray paint, we got to work and I must say it was such a great way to spend this gorgeous day!

I am really loving my 'new' ADORABLE red table too! What do you think?



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