Thursday, February 18


In the words of Rachael Ray that is! So y'all already know that Giada is one of my favorite ladies... Well Rach is my other favorite lady (besides my mom and stepmom of course!)

So in the gym yesterday, I was watching Rachael Ray (yes, I watch cooking shows while working out) and she was making the most delicious sounding dish: Chicken and Biscuit Sliders with Smoky Chard Slaw! As I said before "YUMMMM-O!"

One of Bryan's favorites is collard greens and who doesn't love fried chicken?! Well, I decided to try a slightly more healthy version of this recipe (after all, bathing suit season is coming up!)... I made oven 'fried' chicken instead.. I did say SLIGHTLY more healthy! The biscuits and bacon just couldn't be removed from this yummy dinner! Oh and I also used chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs!

I added a side of sweet potato fries and y'all the results.... AMAZING! This is a MUST try for dinner... And it was so easy!

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