Tuesday, February 23

More thrifty finds...

Bryan and I received this beautiful PB bowl as a wedding gift... I love it so much that I wanted to use as an everyday home accessory instead of just pulling it out when we entertain. But I just felt like I had to fill it with something ... As Bryan said, 'why do we need anything in it?' But hello, I it would just be PERFECT filled with something great... but what was that 'something'? Well, I came across these grapevine balls on Saturday while mom and I were thrifting... they must have been someone's Christmas decor because they were green and red. I had a can of spray paint (Krylon, Mediterranean) and decided to put it to use! I also had these great white shells that I found on a beach in the Bahamas laying around and thought the aqua with white would be too cute! And I must say I love the result!

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