Thursday, February 18

Loving numbers!

Ok y'all so yesterday as you know I was 'window shopping' online for the latest spring trends in clothing. Well this morning, I started 'window shopping' for the last trends in housewares... Oh my! I was so pleased with what spring and summer had to offer! Lots of numbers and letters!

I've always thought that both of these were the coolest way to decorate... Lots of vintage things with numbers are an awesome way to accessorize your house!

Well given the budget that Bryan and I are on (nonexistant budget that is) I knew I would have to think of THRIFTY ways to use numbers and letters in and around our home! Then it dawned on me... RECYCLING! I know seems like a DUH! kind of answer! My youngest sister is a BIG recycler and has always gotten on Bryan and I for not recycling until finally she broke us down and we started. Well, they don't pick up recycling in our neighborhood (I know, I know... get with it Charleston!) so we have to collect it all, sort it, and then take it to the county recycling center. (ugh.)

So this morning after I finally removed myself from the computer, I decided to dig through our recycling! I found several empty jars, cleaned them up and started painting numbers on them! And let me tell you I'm in love with the results! What a great new centerpiece for my dining room table?!

Speaking of my dining room table... I'm thinking of repainting it... I'm SO tired of the white! Any thoughts? Color suggestions?

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