Thursday, September 16

So much going on ...

Y'all the guest room is for sure coming together. Got paint on all the walls and I'm LOVING it! I'm still putting the room back together though! 

It seems I started this project at SUCH a busy time (as I always do!) ... 

Last week, my younger sister Meghan and I road-tripped it to Orlando, FL for Surf Expo! What a crazy busy but SUPER fun time! 

This week I'm not sure what I've been doing besides catching up on sleep, fighting a cold and/or allergies and now all the sudden it's Friday and Bryan and I are heading for the NC mountains tomorrow for one of my best friend's weddings! 

An affair that I PROMISE to show pictures of because it's sure to be BEAUTIFUL!!! 

So next week ... I WILL be getting the guest room completed and there WILL be pictures to prove it! :) 

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