Monday, September 6

Goodbye Guestroom!

So y'all after WEEKS (okay, okay ... MONTHS!) of planning what to do in my guestroom ... I took the PLUNGE! I started!!! (slight EEEEK moment going on here!)

I'm still not 100% what color I want to paint it, but you can always repaint, right? So I decided today to just go for it! 

Here are some before shots ... PLEASE PLEASE don't judge me because even I am cringing looking at them! And I've been living like this! (insert another EEEK moment!)

That's the bedside table that I want to find glass knobs for. 

Yes, that is a TV ... ON THE FLOOR.

I am forced to cover my oh-so-cute PB duvet because Mr. Black Dog (Tux) has taken over this bed as his napping room! 

Grouping that's WAY too small for the wall. 
(Can't wait to reveal the project I'm working on!)

SOOOOOOO over fabric covered tables. 

Goodbye brown & darkness. Hello pretty weather & paint.

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