Tuesday, July 27

TyBEE, TyBEE, Here we come!!!

Ok y'all so one of my best girlfriends is getting married in September! I am so very excited for her and have been planning what I hope will be a fabulous bachelorette weekend!

We're going to Tybee Island, GA! I'm so excited! Although I've been to Savannah before, I've never actually been to Tybee ... So OF COURSE I'm excited to go explore what looks to be the cutest beach town! My friend and fellow planner has been poking fun because of the way I pronounce Tybee... Apparently I put the emphasis on the BEE instead of the TY... Hence the title of this post! :)

Well y'all, after some EXTENSIVE searching for the perfect weekend rental, I found The Mermaid Cottages and FELL IN LOVE. I'm not kidding. I want to stay at each and every one of the houses they have listed. Take a look... You will too. I promise.

Everyday I've been checking these cute beach houses out and getting inspiration for my little guest room (and my den, dining room, and porch). Priorities... priorities... guest room... guest room....

These are just a few of these adorable rooms... There are so many more, but Bryan's calling for dinner! :) More soon!

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