Saturday, April 24

Far too long!

Ok y'all so I'm going to be the FIRST to say that this whole 9-5 thing does NOT allow for a lot of 'personal time' and I for one do not appreciate it! haha!

But really the job is GOOD.. Still in training which has been a relatively slow process but I've met so many nice people!

So I have TONS of updates ...

My best friend Kate had her SWEET baby girl last night! Jenna Dawson Duncan born at 10:33 p.m., 7lbs 2 oz with a FULL HEAD OF HAIR!

Then there's the job that we already discussed! ;)

And finally, there's my FABULOUS friend Barbara Beach (remember, Charleston Fashion Week?) well she's got tons of stuff going on, including the trunk show that I'll be attending tonight!

So y'all I'm making a pact with myself to update when I get home from work! I promise I'll be better! I promise! Just be patient and stick with me!

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Grayson said...

still waiting on your adorable thrifty find!!