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Friday, July 29

friday fancying. - country chic.

y'all the day is FINALLY here! I'm heading to Music City ... Nashvegas ... in other words ... 
Nashville, TN!!! 

I can't wait to spend the next 4 days with my best friend! exploring the city, eating good food, and of course a few happy hours thrown in there! :) 

here's what my version of 'country chic' is ...

now if I win the lottery on the way to the airport obvi this is what I'd be wearing ... if not, I guess the outfits in my carry-on will have to do! ;) 

happy weekend y'all! 
see you tuesday! 
xo, L.

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Tuesday, July 26

a wedding story. - inspiration.

last week I talked about the dress ... this week it's all about the cake! after all, the cake is the second most important thing at a wedding, right?!

now we had a very 'plain' wedding cake, but I adored it. white on white with some cream flowers on each layer. {similar to the one top right}

{all images via}

but how fun are some of these others?! I swear if B would ever agree to renewing our vows {you know like every year!} I'd have a different 'theme' each year! :) 

so what's your dream wedding cake? or what did your cake look like? 
happy tuesday y'all! 
xo, L.

Monday, July 25

monday munchies. - scones.

now y'all there's something you should know about me ... I am obsessed with baking. not so great for the waistline, but man do I love fresh-baked ... well, freshly baked anything! :) 

one of my favs .... scones. I love how they're a little sweet, a little salty and perfect for an easy breakfast! 

I'm putting together a breakfast basket for B's grandmother's birthday present and scones are definitely going to the be 'star' of the basket! now if I can only decide what kind ... 

sweet or savory scones?! that is the question! 

happy monday y'all! 
xo, L.

Friday, July 22

friday fancying.

I really can't believe how quickly this week went by ... I'm excited it's the weekend, even if it means one more week closer to summer being over! 

we have another low-key weekend on the books ... aren't those kind just the best?! 

I think we are going to try to see Horrible Bosses at some point! And of course another cookout with some homemade ice cream! :) 

if I happen to win the lottery this weekend, here's what my "weekend style" would be: 

now, if we're being honest, my weekend style is usually running clothes. but hey, it's friday's fancies with {av} ... and a gal can dream! :) 

happy friday y'all! 
xo, L.

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Thursday, July 21

thread cravings. - wedges.

can y'all believe that it's thursday?! I know I sure can't! not that I'm complaining though ... quick weeks, mean the weekend comes faster! :) 

so I'm sure that most of you have been able to recognize from all of my fashion posts that I heart wedges. of all sorts y'all. I love to wear heels {even though I'm tall already} and wedges just seem so comfortable! 

now that being said, I'm no Jessica Simpson ... I don't wear them to the pool! :) 

here's some that have caught my eye recently: 

so what about you? do you wear heels a lot? what style do you find yourself in most often? 
happy almost weekend y'all! 
xo, L. 

Wednesday, July 20

wednesday loves.

wow. another week flying by ... 

although I am excited to share my wednesday loves, I must share one thing I'm not loving ... how quickly summer is flying by! does anyone else feel that way? 

now onto my loves: 

- this delish-looking strawberry ice cream we're going to make for our friends this weekend. 

- my sweet little boy swimming until his heart was content on sunday. 

- my trip to Nashville is so soon! 10 days to be exact! :) 

- these awesome "home-helpers"! if you don't already own one of these, I strongly suggest investing! absolutely in love with both of mine!

happy humpday y'all! 
xo, L.

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Tuesday, July 19

a wedding story. - inspiration.

ok so I have a confession ... since I've been MIA from blogland I haven't set up any guest bloggers for my wedding series either ...

I'm hoping to have them up & running again the next couple of weeks, but until then I give you ... inspiration. 

even though I've been married for almost 2 years now, every time I see a wedding magazine, website, pics, etc I must look at all of the pretty things. there is really nothing that I love more than weddings! 

especially the dresses! :) 


even though I wore a very classic dress on my own wedding day, when it comes to drooling over inspirational dresses, I clearly have no set style! 

ok, married ladies ... what was your wedding dress style?
and for all your single ladies, what kind of dress do you imagine yourself wearing?
xo, L.